Takes 2 To Tango WODs

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“Frantango” – Sponsored by Shoemaker Financial

for time:


95# (Men’s Rx)/65# (Men’s Scaled/Women’s Rx)/45# (Women’s Scaled)

May use bands in scaled – if you use a band you are immediately ranked below teams that did not use a band regardless of time.

One partner must complete ENTIRE round and return to touch barbell before partner can begin next round. (ex: Teammate 1 completes 21 thrusters, 21 pullups before teammate 2 can begin round of 15’s)

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“2 Minute Tangos” – Sponsored by Grant Hensley Dentistry

Each team will work at each station for 2 minutes to earn max reps as a team.  There will be a 1 minute break between stations.

  1. Inclined Row for max calories (2 rowers for total calories)
  2. Tire flips and jumps (flip tire, both partners must jump in and out of tire to complete rep)
  3. Sandbag box jumps (24″/20″/20″) (1 box per team; 1 sandbag per team; box jumps while holding a sandbag [60#/40#/25#])*
  4. Fire hose pulls
  5. Firemen Partner carry (Rx must use a fireman’s carry to carry partner; scaled can piggy-back, both partners do NOT have to carry; must carry partner for a set distance; each time the distance is complete, 1 rep is completed)

*Mixed Rx sandbag weight is 40#, 20″ box, Mixed Scaled is 25#, 20″ box.  Scaled competitors may step up.


“Synchronized Karen” – Sponsored by Max Muscle Cool Springs

Back squats 5 min AMRAP


Bar must come from ground

Complete as many back squats as a team (1 bar, 1 person working at a time) in 5 minutes. Bar must come from the ground each time a new partner squats.

Then, max partner wall balls in 5 minutes – partners will stand shoulder to shoulder and toss the med ball so it hits the target and comes down to their partner. BOTH partners must squat every time the ball is tossed to earn a good rep.


“Snatch, Swing, Jump!” – Sponsored by 2Pood Performance

AMRAP in 2 minutes, 4 minutes, and 6 minutes with a 1 minute rest in between each AMRAP

1 person working at a time; can switch partner working at anytime

Each AMRAP starts over with KB snatch.

20 KB snatch (70#/53#/35#) – KB must touch ground between each rep; MUST control KB to ground; if KB is dropped, a 10 burpee penalty will be enforced immediately.

40 KB swings (70#/53#/35#)

60 Double unders (180 singles) Rx must do DU, scaled can choose, but must decide BEFORE WOD begins and cannot change during WOD.





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