What People are Saying!

Here is what the people are saying about The Talon Throwdown Series!


“The event was extremely well organized and ran very smoothly.  I thought that the competition did a great job of having various workouts.  We had a 21-15-9, chipper, AMRAP and an all out sprint.  Tim Donegan and CrossFit Talon did an amazing job designing the workouts.  I look forward to competing in many more Talon inspired events.”

– Adam Mcdaniel, Competitor/Owner of Life-Unbroken


“Crossfit Rutherford sent several athletes to the Easter Throwdown which was one of the best local throwdowns we have ever attended. The judging was fairly consistent and the scoring was accurate and fast. Our community looks forward to attending many more events.”

-Chris Haynes, Owner of CrossFit Rutherford

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